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I may be smart but I am totally clueless. I am a full time teacher, single mother, and online shoppe owner. I have come to realize that time is precious so I love websites that make my life a little easier. I am a cajun through and through but most of the recipes you will see are not cajun dishes. And NO...no one can have my Dad's roast beef recipe. It belongs to Kirby's...NOT me!

I love to eat and come from a family who grew up at the table. My Maw-maw was a cajun women who cooked three full meals a day. She never held back and always cooked enough to feed many families. My family also owned a po-boy store so food was always a topic of conversation in our house!

I am currently a high school science teacher. But … I have taught every grade from 3rd through 12th. My ultimate goal is to teach overseas and be able to gain amazing cultural, educational, and spiritual experiences. Even though I am currently not teaching elementary or middle, I am always looking for cute and organized ideas for my high school classroom.  I am also always looking for ideas to help my son out with his lessons. I am so pinspired and want to share some of my ideas for the classroom.

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