Friday, July 20, 2012

Dry Erase Multiplication

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Dry Erase Multiplication

My son is very intelligent but he refuses to memorize his multiplication facts. He plays the math games online and he does well but sometimes I swear he cheats. You put a worksheet in front of him and he looks at me like I am stupid. I know some teachers with children out there know exactly what I am talking about and know that face really well! So … I needed to come up with something different. When I taught 3rd grade math to gifted students, they were so smart but often could not explain what was actually happening for multiplication. The summer before I had attended a workshop and they told us for young children to start with skip counting then to progress to a multiplication chart. Then the AH HA moment came… 

Why not make a dry erase multiplication chart! All I need is cardstock, a sheet protector, dry erase markers, paper towel and my multiplication file. Blow you can find the pictures and you can download the multiplication chart.

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